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Titus Abbott CollectiveTitus Abbott Collective

The Titus Abbott Collective is an improvising ensemble presenting material that marries the lyrical with the angular, lush with hard hitting.  Encouraged by the new Alt Jazz scene of present day New York City, the collective draws influence from the myriad of music available to the contemporary ear, whether that be World Music, Contemporary New Music and European twentieth century classical or the traditional/experimental jazz lexicon.  The Collective’s focus is predominantly melodic and linear.  Rhythm instruments and melodic alike, create a distinctly forward motion of combined improvisation with the one goal of a coherent form even within compositions that have no established form.

The collective features Titus Abbott on Saxophones and Bass Clarinet, Cassidy Holden on Double Bass and Cody Brown on Drums.  Since its inception in early 2006 the group has been creating a stir wherever they perform.  Collaborations with musicians such as the pianist Frank Carlberg and the late Middle Eastern Oud Master Al Gardner have been highlights of the ensemble's ongoing development.

Band Photo Credit - Peter Shellenberger

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Listen To Tracks:

1. Tangible Mystery - Titus Abbott

2. Happenstance - Titus Abbott

3. Boating - Bela Bartok (Microcosmos 125)

4. Bridge - Titus Abbott/Cassidy Holden/Cody Brown

5. Jet Trash - Titus Abbott

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