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Happenstance QuartetHappenstance Quartet

Titus Abbott teams up with veteran pianist Curtis Clark in a brand new Quartet completed by Jim Lyden, Bass and Gary Gemmiti, Drums. The Quartet had its debut with an impromptu collaboration at the Curtis Clark Trio performance at 11 Pleasant St. Arts Center, Brunswick in October 07. The connection was made and has continued to flourish.

Influenced by Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane, Curtis Clark is a fascinating pianist whose passionate style has been hailed in New York, Paris and Amsterdam (where he was based for many years until his return to the U.S. - he now lives in Maine). While working with various groups, Curtis has played with many great musicians such as Oscar Brown jr., Julian Priester, Art Taylor, David Murray, Billy Bang, Richard Davis, Abby Lincoln, Charles Tyler, John Tchai and the great dutch drummer Han Bennick with whom Curtis recorded his acclaimed CD Home Safely.

The Quartet perform pieces by Curtis Clark and Titus Abbott as well as collective instant composed pieces where the ensemble develops material in adventurous and thoughtful ways. Jim Lyden brings years of experience and a great love of free improvisation and Gary Gemmiti completes the unit with a sensitive and highly tasteful approach.

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Listen To Tracks:

1. Sean - Curtis Clark

2. Emergency - Curtis Clark

3. Untitled - Happenstance Quartet

4. Untitled - Happenstance Quartet

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